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Periodic Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance Services are of utmost importance to keep your Honda car in health Condition. We conduct a complete and comprehensive check-up of your car during the maintenance service which includes replacement and inspection. Based on service intervals replacement & Inspection varies.

1. Make sure the air pressure in tires is accurate. Wheel balancing and alignment should be maintained and checked at regular intervals.
2. Apply brakes smoothly and anticipate your stops.
3. Fill fuel in the coolest hour of the day for better fuel efficiency, high temperature affects the efficiency drastically.
4. Get your vehicle serviced and air filters changed at regular intervals to keep the engine and your car healthy.
5. Avoid over riding the clutch pedal, keep your foot off the clutch pedal. Use the clutch only when needed to avoid damaging the clutch lining.
6. Drive in ECON mode (if available). It ensures optimum fuel economy and avoids misuse.
7. Don’t accelerate aggressively as over acceleration leads to low mileage, this is applicable to manual as well as automatic transmission.
8. Switch off the engine at stops over 45 seconds to avoid wasting any fuel.
9. Reduce the vehicle load by carrying only what you need.
10. For Automatic transmission, change the gear lever from “D” to “N” at traffic signals.
11. Do not over accelerate; keep RPM below the red zone in the speedometer.
12. To calculate the mileage of your car accurately, run it for a distance of 40 kms at a speed of 70-80 kmph.

1. For best effectiveness, always use Recirculation Mode.
2. Always switch ON the AC in Low Mode and gradually increase the speed.
3. If parked in the hot sun for long, open all the windows completely to vent the hot air out before switching On the AC.
4. Use Front Shades for the windshield to keep your car cabin cooler when parked in hot sun.
5. Always park your car in a shaded region.
6. Always use Honda Genuine Refrigerant.
7. Always switch OFF the AC before switching OFF the engine.
8. Follow the Periodic Maintenance Schedule religiously.
9. Adjust the AC temperature & the blower speed depending upon the number of passengers in the car.
10. Keep the blower ON with fan speed at level 3 or more for a few seconds & then switch OFF the engine. This will help maintain a pleasant smell in the car.

1. Is it safe to drive my car through a flooded patch of road
You should not drive the car through flooded patch of road as it can stall the car. The water level may actually be higher than what is visible, also other passing vehicles may splash water on to your car, which can enter the engine of the car through inlet hose and can cause severe damage to it.
2. What is the risk involved in driving the car through flooded patch of road
If the water from a flooded road enters the engine room of the car it can cause “Hydrostatic Lock” and can cause severe damage to the engine parts viz. Connecting rods, Cylinder head, Pistons and Cylinder block.
3. If water has entered the engine, how long will it take for the engine to get damaged
The damage can be instantaneous if you attempt to start the car after it has stalled while driving through water. However, in some cases it may take up to 4-6 months before the actual damage happens to engine parts.
4. What should I do, if my car has stalled while passing through a puddle of water
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO START THE CAR. GET IT TOWED TO NEAREST Honda DEALER. If water has entered the car’s engine, any attempt to start the engine may cause Hydrostatic lock which can damage critical engine parts.
5. What should I do if my car gets flooded with water while it was parked
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO START THE CAR. GET IT TOWED TO NEAREST Honda DEALER. If water has entered the car’s engine, any attempt to start the engine may cause Hydrostatic lock which can damage critical engine parts.
6. Is the damage to the engine due to water entry covered under warranty/insurance
Warranty does not cover damages caused due to water ingress into engine compartment.

1. Ensure electricals are switched off –(all lights and accessories).
2. Keep in recirculation mode and switch off the A/C.
3. Avoid using hand brake, use tyre stoppers like wooden wedges etc.(only during long storage).
4. Lift up wiper arm(to prevent rubber damage).
5. Covered parking or use of car cover is preferred.
6. Move the car slightly forward and backwards once in 7 days to prevent flat spots on tyres.
7. Start the car and keep the engine idling* for 15 minutes, once in 3 days to prevent battery from draining(Engine idling should not be done in closed parking or other unsafe conditions).

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Express Service

Honda Quick Service is designed specifically to suit your express and efficient servicing needs. We offer complete Periodic Maintenance jobs conducted in just 3 hours so that your Honda is not away from you for a longer time. Please visit the nearest Honda dealerships to experience this quick and comprehensive service program and save your precious time
The Quick Service is applicable for following service:
1) All free service.
2) Selected Periodic Service (5K, 15K, 25K, 35K, 45K, 55K).
3) General repair depending upon the content of service.

Product Updation
We would like to thank you for your association with Honda products and hope you are enjoying your ownership experience.
Over the years, Honda cars have been well accepted and appreciated by our customers and we are confident that with our focus on quality, durability and reliability, we will continue to delight our customers with world class products.
In order to maintain the highest standards of our products and achieve highest level of customer satisfaction, Honda Cars India, conducts regular checks including rigorous testing of components of all our vehicles under the guidance of Honda Motor Co Ltd, Japan.
Based on market feedback & subsequent analysis, Honda announces Product Update/Recalls of its products to proactively repair/replace the suspected parts on Free of Cost Basis to the customers
To check if your car is due for any Product Update/Recall, Please call Vision Honda

Vision Maintenance Package
Vision Maintenance Package is designed to offer hassle free service experience and complete peace of mind to you. With this package customer can get access to pre-paid maintenance services at all Vision Honda dealerships without any rise in the labour and spare parts prices. Vision Package is transferable in case the vehicle is sold within the coverage period thus also retains the commercial value of your car.

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